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Cars, trucks, buses, monorails, and railroads will connect Victory City to other Victory Cities and other cities, as well as the airport and separate facilities, if present.

In the average Victory City, it will be possible to go from any one place to another, anywhere in the building, in only five to ten minutes and without hurrying. The number of automobile accidents that will be eliminated will stagger the imagination for the simple reason that auto travel will be limited to travel between Victory City and other cities. Within Victory City, only two types of transportation will be needed: elevators and electric cars the size of a wheelchair. The electric cars will be so safe that even children will be allowed to drive them. Distances will be so short on any one floor that most people will probably walk most of the time. The safe and free elevators will be used constantly by most everyone.

In a matter of seconds, these high-speed elevators will drop you down to the first floor, and the minute you step outside the building, you will be more than outside, you will be in the country, breathing clean, clear, fresh country air. There will be no other building in sight — not even a farmhouse — because the farm operator will live in Victory City in style.

Elevator System

Otis Elevator officials gave input and advice on how to best use the elevators for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. For more information, see the "Elevator" section of the Victory City Tour.

See also: Slides 5, 6, 7, 8, 18, 19, 27, 28 and 29 of the Victory City Tour.

Electric Vehicles

In addition to the elaborate elevator system, there will also be "personal-sized" electric cars for individual travel, as well as more elaborate electric-powered vehicles large enough to carry 4 to 20 people in the tunnels underneath Victory City.

Monorails and Buses

Monorails and buses will connect Victory City to other cities and other Victory Cities, as well as the airport and separate facilities, if present.

See also: Slide 26 of the Victory City Tour.

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