Victory City


Employment and Employee Benefits

People will have the option of working either inside or outside Victory City. The Victory City complex will include adequate office space in the commercial buildings, as well as light industry and manufacturing buildings, and each of these will be within walking distance from the residential buildings. Employees in services businesses will be able to telecommute from their apartments via the Internet.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan

All Victory City employees will be required to accept new Victory City Corporation common stock as partial payment of their wages and salary. This stock may not be sold so long as they work for Victory City. These rules will be a condition of employment and must be agreed to in writing before employment commences. The funds thus derived will be used to help finance the building of new Victory Cities.

The dividends received by the employees will act as an incentive to stimulate a general interest in the success of Victory City. The more success, the more dividends.

Inexpensive Job Transfers

As progress in our civilization accelerates, many changes in industry are taking place. There are changes in product and changes in plant size and location, and accompanying changes in jobs. This means learning new skills and transferring from one location to another in order that there may be progress. Job transfers apply to both the laborer and the executive. Everyone is subject to a job transfer from one city to another or to another state or foreign country. The transfer may be within the same company or to another and over a period of time; there may be several transfers for one individual.

The Victory City system will make these job transfers as painless and inexpensive as possible. Since all apartments in Victory City will be completely furnished, there will be no expense in moving furniture. Since there are no kitchens or dining rooms, there will be no dishes and glasses, etc., to pack. Since everyone lives in apartments, there will be no houses to buy or sell and no moving delays. All you would do is pack your bags and go. If you were moving to another Victory City, you could make reservations in advance.

The Victory City system is another example of how Victory City promotes progress while accommodating individuals. Expect more job transfers in the future. Victory City will be ready.

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