Victory City


Food System

The bulk of Victory City's food will come from Victory City's own farms in the surrounding countryside just beyond the circular highway. Every day, fresh vegetables, fruit, dairy products and meat will be picked, brought into Victory City, and prepared, cooked, served and eaten all in the same day. As soon as food is brought in, it will be cooked in the all-electric kitchens, brought up to the cafeteria on high-speed elevators, and served on the Circl-Serv. From a nutritional standpoint, this will bolster the health and stamina of all Victory City individuals and perhaps contribute to a more favorable course for the future evolution of man.

From an economical standpoint, great savings will be made by the elimination of all types of food stores, the supermarket grocery chain stores, the supporting wholesale warehouses, the fleet of trucks to move all the food back and forth, the food processors, packagers, canneries, bakeries, meat packing plants, etc. The cost of canning, freezing or dehydrating food will be gone. Fresh food is better tasting and better nutritionally, anyway.

There will be no need for preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial coloring, monosodium glutamate, excessive spices, cornstarch, pectin, cellulose, bleached degerminated white flour, salt, refined sugar, water and numerous additives and chemicals. Most of this junk will be eliminated.

We are what we eat.

Greenhouses, Fish Tanks and Poultry Center

Each factory-sized kitchen will have greenhouses on both sides. Included in the structure will be fish tanks and a poultry center. The greenhouses will be temperature-controlled with artificial sunlight to facilitate growth of vegetables and fruits all year round.

Teenage Students to Work Farms

To qualify for their free high school and college education, all teenagers will be required to work on the farms and in the greenhouses. For additional incentive, it will probably be necessary to pay them according to the quantity and quality of their work. The outdoor work will be healthy for them and will provide new knowledge, variety of experience, and a broader view of life.

See also: Slides 12, 13, 15, 16 and 17 of the Victory City Tour.

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