Victory City

The ideas for Victory City have been carefully honed and polished over the course of 38 years, and much effort has been put forth to try to make the details as realistic as possible. Many thanks go to the following individuals and groups (listed below in alphabetical order), who have helped in the development of the Victory City plans by providing useful information, services and/or materials:

  • Arrow Blue — For black-and-white floorplans
  • Dr. Keith M. Burns, Dentist — For introducing the inventor to the Water Pik®, which would be used extensively in Victory City
  • Elder Photographic — For color photos, all sizes, some mounted on Fome-Cor®
  • Dan Fitzpatrick, Custom Graphics — For exhibit models
  • William H. Freitag, Architect — For information about building ordinances
  • Clarence H. Hudgins, Food Service Manager for Cincinnati Milacron — For providing a tour of Cincinnati Milacron's cafeteria, demonstrating the Circl-Serv system
  • Scott Hull, Architect — For structural advice
  • Industrial Reproductions Inc. — For black-and-white drawings
  • Doug Johnson — For creating an elaborate booklet of Victory City on his own initiative, illustrated with black-and-white pictures, making it easy and inexpensive to reproduce
  • Kintech Services, Affiliated with A.M. Kinney, Inc. — For exhibit models
  • Dorothy King Larsson, Former Dietician for Cincinnati Milacron — For arranging the tour of Cincinnati Milacron's Circl-Serv system (tour provided by Mr. Hudgins)
  • Professor John Lewis, Sociology Professor, University of Cincinnati — For inviting the inventor to present Victory City to his class
  • Dennis Alan Mann, Professor of Architecture, University of Cincinnati — For disseminating the ideas of Victory City to his students and others
  • John Meunier, Architect and Former Head of Architectural Department, University of Cincinnati — For promoting the ideas of Victory City to his students, as well as granting an interview to Ann Fadiman of Life magazine regarding Victory City
  • Mrs. Miller, Manager of the Former Cambridge Inn Cafeteria — For informing the inventor of the existence of Circl-Serv™; this lead to a major change in the plans for Victory City
  • Otis Elevator Company (Robert W. Young, Project Manager/Special Projects; Keith P. Gould, Vice President/National Sales) — For advice on elevator transportation system using over-sized elevators to carry 50 people to sky lobbies; this lead to another major change in the Victory City plans
  • Bob Ritter, Former Treasurer and Acting President of Oberhellman Ritter Foundry Co. — For traveling with the inventor and helping with the promotion of Victory City
  • Marty Roper, Commercial Artist, Hallmark Greeting Card Company — For painting a picture of Victory City using a spray-paint technique
  • Professor Kenneth Bruce Ryan, Head of Geography Department at the University of Cincinnati — For allowing the inventor to show Victory City plans to his class and others
  • Robert Sawtell, Artist — For painting a picture of Victory City for exhibit; painting was used in Life magazine photo
  • Tom Sheehan, Architectural Student — For painting pictures of Victory City for exhibit
  • John Sherrill, Vice President of S&W Cafeterias — For giving a tour of a cafeteria using an extra-large, custom-made Circl-Serv, the first commercial installation nationwide
  • Elmer Weddendorf, Former President of BW Metals (Manufacturer of the Circl-Serv system) — For providing a tour of the BW Metals plant, as well as literature and valuable advice

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