Victory City

Even though Victory City is presently just an elaborate collection of maps, details and floor plans, inventor Orville Simpson II hopes the fictious "city of the future" described on this website will actually be under construction by the year 2002.

To get a close-up look at Mr. Simpson's vision, take the Victory City Tour — a slide show of sketches and blueprints beautifully hand-rendered by Mr. Simpson and several volunteer artists. You may view the slides in order one by one simply by clicking the

Begin Tour

button. Or, if you would prefer, you may "quick-jump" to specific sections of the tour by referring to the Tour Contents below.

For more detailed information about Victory City, be sure to visit the Residents Guide, which more fully describes the overall concept of Victory City, as well as what it might be like to live and work there.


  1. Aerial View of a Victory City
  2. Map of a Victory City
  3. Population and Square Footage
  4. Huge Savings for Victory City
  5. Cross-Section Elevation
  6. Lobby of Main Elevator Building
  7. Floor Plan of Main Elevator Building Lobby
  8. Cross-Section of Main Elevator Building
  9. Platform Movement Chart for Extra-Large Elevators (ELE's)
  10. Exterior, Ground-Level View of Front of Victory City
  11. Aerial View
  12. Ground-Level View from 1 Mile Away
  13. Cafeteria Featuring the Circl-Serv™
  14. Cafeteria Serving Area
  15. Fire Escape for Family Cart Area of Cafeteria
  16. Floor Plan of the Dining Hall Featuring Circl-Serv™
  17. Floor Plan of Kitchen and Food Preparation Areas
  18. Greenhouse, Fish Tanks, Poultry Center
  19. Small Residential Building with Attached Splinter Elevator Building
  20. Floor Plan of Small Residential Building and Splinter Elevator Building
  21. Floor Plan of Large Residential Building
  22. Recreation and Laundry Facilities
  23. Floor Plan of One- and Two-Bedroom Apartments
  24. Floor Plan of Three-Bedroom Apartments
  25. Floor Plan of Small Residential Building
  26. Luxury Apartments and Hotel Suites
  27. Upper Floors of Small Residential Building
  28. 1st, 5th and 9th Floors of Small Residential Building
  29. Transportation Building
  30. Second Floor Plan of Transportation Building
  31. Cross-Section of Transportation Building
  32. Freight and Passenger Elevators
  33. Splinter Elevator Building - Front
  34. Splinter Elevator Building - Rear
  35. Victory City Under Construction

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