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There will be just one newspaper printed in Victory City, and it will be owned and operated by Victory City. The newspaper will be available to residents in both hardcopy form (via a newsstand) and electronic form (via the Internet). It will be truly free in the sense that every person living in Victory City shall have the right to write an editorial or message of substantial length and have it published without any censorship at all. Exceptions will be: the misuse of the free message privilege for free advertising for some product or service; inflammatory statements designed to incite people to riot or rebellion or any criminal act; legal or medical advice dispensed by anyone other than a lawyer or doctor; mentioning names of private persons; and slander that could make either the writer or Victory City legally liable for damages.

The free messages will be printed in three distinct sections of the newspaper under headings in bold type:

Highly Recommended     Acceptable     Not Recommended

They will appear in the newspaper in the above order. The bulk of the material may appear in the "Acceptable" section. Only perhaps 12 articles will appear in the "Highly Recommended" section daily.

Uninteresting, poorly written articles using bad grammar and containing vulgar, obscene language and four-letter words will be printed in the "Not Recommended" section.

If the "Acceptable" and "Not Recommended" sections prove in actual practice to be too bulky and costly, it might be necessary to trim first the "Not Recommended" and later the "Acceptable." It might become necessary to limit each person to one article each week or month. Possibly the "Acceptable" section could be sub-divided into two or three sections based on the quality and interest of the message. These in turn could be divided according to subject matter.

In addition, the on-line version of the Victory City newspaper will host message boards, mailing lists and discussion/chat rooms so all residents can communicate freely with one another instantaneously via the Internet.

If, due to financial limitations, it is decided that it will be too costly to make the capital investment necessary to establish a newspaper, then Victory City could enter into an agreement to allow an outside newspaper to locate in Victory City, providing they agree fully to the people's free message plan and, in return, Victory City will agree not to rent space to a rival newspaper in the same Victory City. However, any and all other newspapers of the outside world or any other type of publication can and will be sold in Victory City.

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