Victory City


Commercial and Industrial Space

Businesses will rent commercial and industrial space from the Victory City Corporation. All manner of businesses will be welcome, including retail shops, service businesses, and light manufacturing firms.

Commercial Space

All commercial space will be located in the Main Elevator Building, which stands 102 stories tall. This space will be used for offices, the hospital, doctor's offices and clinics, stores, all school classrooms (nursery school through college), day care, the library, museums, and other institutions.

Industrial Space

Light and medium manufacturing, warehouses, and related offices will be located in the Industry Buildings, which will stand 20 stories tall. The first floor may have a ceiling height equal to four floors, or approximately 40 feet, to accommodate manufacturing equipment. All interior walls will be movable and interchangeable so as to make space reconfiguration quick and easy.

See also: Slide 27 of the Victory City Tour.

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