Victory City


Healthcare, Dental Care and Medical Insurance


The hospital will be located in the commercial section of the main elevator building. There will be fewer patients' rooms needed in Victory City than in the obsolete cities of the same population. In Victory City, a patient will be moved to his apartment at an earlier point in his recovery than will be possible outside of Victory City. As soon as the doctor feels the patient is ready to be moved, the patient's apartment will become his hospital room. Being all in one building, it will be possible for the doctor to continue checking the patient regularly, but not as often as when he was in the hospital section.

Fewer patients' beds means less real estate and building construction tied up in the hospital section and altogether less cost to be paid in the form of hospital and medical insurance, the total cost of which is paid for by part of the total Victory City rent received.

This means lower rent which, combined with the free hospital and medical benefits, will add enormously to the strong competitive position of Victory City.

Medical Insurance

All types of insurance will be provided by the Insurance Division of the Victory City Corporation: health, sickness and accident, hospital costs, doctors' fees and life insurance will be provided free of charge to all residents of Victory City, and perhaps to visitors as well. The cost of the free insurance will be financed from the gross rental income of the apartments.

The free insurance program will be an added inducement for business to locate in a Victory City, as it will relieve them of the necessity of paying for and administering insurance plans of their own for their employees.

The main benefit of the free insurance will be to provide for the maximum health possible of all the people in Victory City. Since hundreds of thousands of people will be living close together, it will be vital to minimize the chance of an epidemic ever developing or the spread of any contagious disease.

Also, a city with healthy people will mean fewer people absent from work due to sickness. This will mean more work performed, more accomplished, bigger pay checks and a stronger economy. This helps everyone, including businesses.

To receive the free insurance coverage, all residents and visitors will sign a legal document agreeing not to sue Victory City for damages, either physical or property, arising out of any accident while on Victory City property. All accidents will be thoroughly investigated and all legitimate property damage claims, where Victory City is clearly responsible due to negligence, will be paid by Victory City in full.

Water Pik® Booths

Water Pik® booths will be placed strategically about the cafeteria so that all the people in Victory City will be able to clean their teeth at the earliest possible moment after eating, not so much for the comfort involved, but for the sake of healthy teeth. Dr. N. Keith Burns, dentist, reports that the bacteria of decay start to work immediately as soon as food is stuck between the teeth, and he highly recommends the use of a Water Pik® as superior to dental floss, immediately after eating. This will be a good investment for Victory City, since Victory City will be paying the dental bill, and it will mean less drilling on the tenants' teeth and less pain for them. By using Water Piks® and later brushing teeth with a toothpaste containing fluoride, there will be no need for a fluoridated water supply. This will eliminate the raging controversy over fluoridation of the public water supply.

The Water Pik® booths will contain a wash basin, mirror, paper towel dispenser, waste can, hose and valve. The water will be heated to body temperature, approximately 98 degrees, and water pressure will be regulated by the user.

It shouldn't take a person more than two minutes to use a Water Pik® booth, but allowing five minutes as an average over a three-hour period, then 36 persons will have used just one booth. The booths will be specially designed of stainless steel with a stainless steel washbasin welded directly into the wall. They will be mass-produced as a complete unit in a factory and shipped in to Victory City and installed.

By having these booths so close and convenient to the cafeteria, many people who are not now acquainted with Water Piks® will become so, and everybody will be encouraged to use them.

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