Victory City


Construction Issues

Trailer City

The first thing to be built in a Victory City will be the highway system and parking lot. The second thing will be a Trailer City upon the parking lot. The railroad and/or monorail will also have a high priority.

After completion of one Victory City, the Trailer City will be moved to the building site of the next Victory City. The trailers or campers will contain sleeping and lounge quarters for the individual families. There will be one large kitchen and dining hall, and the food served cafeteria style, all of which could be divided up or disassembled, put on wheels and moved to the next Victory City Trailer City. There will also be bath and shower facilities on wheels strategically located about the Trailer City on the parking lot. There will also be schools for the children, hospital and recreational facilities for all and all on wheels.

Conservation of Investment Capital, Avoiding Strikes by Construction Workers, and Common Stock Ownership

One of the greatest potential hazards that might threaten the successful completion of the construction of a Victory City will be for the construction workers' union to call a strike and demand exorbitant increases in wages after a large portion, perhaps 80% of the building, is finished, and Victory City Corp. is fully committed financially to the completion of the building.

In order to avoid this hazard, Victory City could require the union to sign a contract before the start of any work which will require the workers' agreement to accept 75% of their wages in the form of Victory City common stock. They will agree not to strike, and the penalty for striking will be the loss of all their common stock. Another 15% of their wages will be paid in the form of room and board in a temporary trailer city erected at each building site for the workers and their families. A strike will necessitate the eviction of the workers from the trailer city.

The workers would receive 10% of their wages in cash.

With this small amount of cash income, there will be no opportunity to save a large amount of cash to fall back on for strike purposes. On the other hand, the only way for the workers to receive their common stock representing 75% of their wages is to complete the construction of Victory City. This arrangement will give them a vital interest in Victory City, and at the same time, enable Victory City to conserve cash. It will take much less cash initially to erect the first Victory City and less cash for each subsequent Victory City.

The workers will not receive their Victory City common stock until after completion of the building, and if they wished to sell their stock, it will have to be through stock brokers to the general public at the market price.

If they desired to continue in construction work of Victory Cities, then they must retain at least 50% of their common stock from previous projects.

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