Victory City


Postal System

The Victory City post office will be located on the lower floors of the Residential Building. Each "unit" of 47,500 people will have its own post office; therefore, a city of seven units for 332,000 people will have seven post offices.

Wide hallways running through the 1st, 5th and 9th floors will lead to the ramps that, in turn, will take you to the cafeterias and industry buildings. Three wide hallways will be lined with mailboxes.

Every mailbox will be designed with a slot in the cover so that people living in Victory City can drop letters, notes, cards, etc. directly into another person's mailbox of the same Victory City without being required to put a stamp on the envelope, since it is obviously unnecessary for the post office to do the sorting and distributing when the people can do this for themselves easily and conveniently.

The post office will confine their activities mainly to incoming and outgoing mail between Victory City and other cities, including other Victory Cities around the world.

When a package is too large to fit in a mailbox, a note will be placed in the box to pick the package up at the window. Packages will always require stamps unless the sender personally places the package inside the package delivery slot of the recipient's apartment. (In addition to a package delivery slot, there will be a smaller slot on each resident's apartment door for letters.)

The U.S. postal system will deliver mail in bulk to Victory City. Victory City mail personnel will then do all the sorting and place the mail in the proper mailboxes.

See also: Slide 25 of the Victory City Tour.

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