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Circl-Serv™ Cafeteria

Serving More Food to More People in Less Time with a Minimum of Labor

Circl-Serv™ is literally a counter revolution in food service. Unlike a straight line counter layout, where patrons slide a tray along (as fast as the slowest person ahead will allow), Circl-Serv brings the food to the customer, quickly.

In fact, with the wheel divided into thirds, a patron can make his selection in seconds. In that time, a complete menu will have come past a customer station — soup, casseroles, entrees and vegetables, warmed constantly by travelling overhead heaters, while salads, beverages and cold desserts are in the chilled section. Sandwiches, pastries and other snacks are carried in adjoining room temperature sections.

Sample Circl-Serv Cafeteria
Circl-Serv Model CS-23 at the University of Wisconsin (Madison, WI)

In addition to serving more food to more people, Circl-Serv installations are reporting significant reductions in labor costs. But, that isn't too surprising since man's invention, the wheel, as embodied in the Circl-Serv food service system, was designed to save time and labor.

Benefits of the Circl-Serv Cafeteria System

  • Food moves to the customer, always in sight, within easy reach
  • Fast food service
  • Built-in efficiency reduces labor costs
  • Requires less area than straight line service
  • Motion adds a merchandising buy-appeal to food, improves check average
  • Minimum mechanical installation costs
  • Heaters rotate with hot foods section, to retain optimum temperature
  • Mechanically cooled cold sections
  • Speed of rotation easily adjusted from kitchen
  • Factory installed and operable within two weeks

The Circl-Serv™ is now manufactured by B&W Stainless Fabricators, Division of Aschling, Inc., 4702 Windfern, Houston, Texas 77041. Phone: 713-462-3562. Fax: 713-895-8639.

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