Victory City


Safety and Security

Security Cameras

If legally possible, there will be a private police and fire department at Victory City. There will also be closed-circuit television cameras to monitor every hall on each floor and in all public places. In police headquarters, there will be a large room with hundreds of television receivers lining the walls. There will be a TV set for each TV camera. This will enable the police to watch all halls and public places in the building 24 hours a day.

Generally speaking, the people in Victory City will not have occasion to carry money on them or to have any in their apartment. Virtually all the money will be in the one vault of the one bank. This bank will be located in such a way that it will be completely surrounded by police headquarters.

The hall leading into the bank will be lined with one-way, see-through security mirrors, allowing the police to watch everyone entering and leaving the bank. There will be doors at each end of the hall which can be automatically closed and locked in case of emergency or potential robbery in progress. Lock-down buttons will be located in either the bank or in police headquarters. After the bank robber or would-be robber is trapped in the hall, gas will automatically fill the space unless turned off. When the robber is unconscious, overcome by the gas, the police can open a door into the hall and go in wearing gas masks, remove the burglar on a stretcher; carry him into police headquarters and put him in jail. The gas in the hall can be removed through a vent by turning on an exhaust fan.

Identification Requirements

The greatest security in Victory City will be derived from the extremely strict requirements of all residents and visitors. When a person meets these requirement, he will be issued a bankbook with his photo on it. This bankbook will entitle him to live in or travel to and visit any Victory City in the world for the rest of his life. Without it, a person will be barred from entering, but may apply for visitors' credentials in a special application office, one of which will be located in each Victory City.

The application will be highly detailed and will be followed by a thorough investigation, fingerprinting, photographing and complete physical examination, before final approval.

Before entering any Victory City, a person must show his bankbook to a guard (Victory City private police) who will compare the photo on the book with the person presenting it to ascertain proper identity. These checkpoints at all entrances will be monitored by police on closed-circuit TV.

In case of emergency, the members of the fire department will back up the police as their second line of defense, and the police will be the second line of defense to back up the firemen. Each will have some training in the other's duties for this purpose.

It must be understood that Victory City will be a private city and that all the land owned by it will be private property. Unauthorized persons will be fined for trespassing. The exception to this will be the highway system which, by necessity, must tie into and become a part of the public highway system. Included in the exception will be the Transportation Building, the Tri-Center, the public parking area and filling stations, auto repair garage, new and used car dealers, etc.

In the far distant future, perhaps 100 to 150 million years from now when 90% of the people in the U.S. are living in Victory Cities, the major portion of all crimes committed will be concentrated amongst the remaining 10% of the people still living in the old obsolete cities. This will enable the entire might of the nation — all its financial resources, local police forces, state troopers, national guard, FBI, and all the federal military forces — to concentrate on the 10% instead of being spread thin amongst 100% of the people.

Fire Department and Fire Prevention

There will be fire hoses, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems throughout the building. The entire building, including all apartments, will be inspected routinely and frequently for fire or explosion hazards.

There will not be one stick of wood used in the construction of Victory City nor in any of the furniture, furnishings or equipment in Victory City. Not only will this make the building more fireproof, but it will also help preserve what is left of the forests of our land.

The building will be of reinforced poured concrete construction with a glass curtain wall on the outside. The interior walls will be mostly concrete, but some will be made of removable metal partitions which will have a non-flammable plastic foam in the center, sandwiched between two sheets of metal, probably aluminum with a baked enamel in various decorator colors. The furniture will all be metal, similar to office furniture, and will be specially designed for Victory City so that not an inch of space will be wasted, and each individual item of furniture will be designated for a particular position in an apartment.

The ideal arrangement will be predetermined with the location of all furniture to be included in the architect's plans and each piece of furniture specified in detail. In place of curtains and drapes, there will be "ornamental light diffusers" made out of metal, ceramics and glass and possibly other fireproof materials.

Of great value in fire prevention will be the absence of kitchens from all the apartments in the entire residential building. This means there will be no gas, no 220 wiring for electric stoves, no stove of any kind, no kitchen appliances and no matches.

See also: Slide 14 of the Victory City Tour.

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