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Pets and Veterinary Care

In Victory City, caged birds, goldfish and certain other types of pets will be allowed in apartments; however, dogs, cats and other large animals will not be. Instead, these animals will be housed and cared for in a specially designed "Pet Park," to be located in a section in the rear of the city. (See the Victory City map for an overview.) The "Pet Park" will include a heated building for the kitchen, pet shop, veterinary offices and facilities, and a shelter for the pets at night and in the winter.

Cats may eventually be allowed in apartments if our research on the latest self-cleaning litter boxes (Litter-Maid) prove to be efficient and sanitary. In addition, if an air cleaning system can be engineered in such a way as to prevent dander and other allergens from moving through building air ducts into neighboring apartments where residents with allergies may be living, this will also help eliminate any potential discomfort.

Arrangements will be made so that people can go on trips and know their pet will be taken care of. Each pet will have his own shelter and fenced outdoor area. When visited by his owner, the owner could take the pet around the pet park on a leash. The owner could feed his own pet or make arrangements for a pet park attendant to do all or any part of the feeding. The total costs of all these services will be added on to the pet owner's apartment rent and taken off his bank account each month, along with his apartment rent.

A veterinarian will be in charge of the entire pet park with attendants to assist him. There will be an attendant at the entrance of pet park at all times to make sure that no pets are taken out at any time except when the owner is taking them away from Victory City, then Victory City will carry the pet in a box to the parking lot and then release the pet by the owner's car.

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